Holiday Rentals Estepona


We offer holiday rentals in Estepona. Our office, however, is located in the Bel Air and Los Flamingos area of the Costa del Sol. This is a beautiful part of the coast but it is well positioned because we offer our properties mainly in the Estepona area. This is an area to the west of Marbella/Puerto Banus  and to the east of Sotogrande and La Duquesa.

The office is roughly halfway between Puerto Banus/Marbella and Estepona town.

Estepona town itself is only 40 minutes from Gibraltar airport and 60 minutes from Málaga Airport. You can get taxis, hire cars or book shuttles from both of the airports to all of our properties.

The map above shows Estepona town outlined in red and we have properties along the coast of the area shown as well as some a little inland. We also have properties at the Alcazaba Lagoon in Casares. This is show on the map below. All of our property pages have an accompanying map to show you where they are apart from the Lagoon properties which are covered by a map to the Lagoon facility itself. This is show below and on the resort page.


Bright Property Management offers  luxury holiday rentals in Estepona.

All of our properties are owned by private individuals who trust us to manage their property in their absence. Also, we let out some of the properties to others for holiday rentals. We realise our great responsibility here and always go that extra mile to ensure that those who wish to rent our properties are discerning travellers, best suited for the properties we have.

We have different types of properties including the following:

Click on this link for further details on the famous Alcazaba Lagoon.

People and Contact

The table below details the key people at Bright Property Management and their roles with the company. Also, use the contact details below or our Contact Page to get in touch if you need. If you are in a property and have an emergency then ALWAYS use the emergency phone contact.

Tania Cozzi, founder and principle at Bright Property Management
Tania Cozzi Founder and Principle.
Tania: is the founder and principle at Bright Property Management and oversees all aspects of the company. Tania undertakes most of the meet and greets and answers all your queries and resolves any issues you may have.
Marcella Cozzi, Property Manager
Marcella Cozzi
Marcella: visits properties to do inspections, arrange for works, deliver welcome baskets and similar. Also she will help with some of the meet and greets.
Saeed Naderi, Property Maintenance
Saeed Naderi
Saeed: manages and undertakes any works needed on the properties as a result of inspections. This is always in liaison with the owners.
Debbie Glynn, Administrator
Debbie Glynn
Debs: is the admin and back room person doing invoicing, answering emails and similar. Also she will help with some of the meet and greets.
Cleaning Team: responsible for all the top notch cleaning at Bright Property Management

T: +34 617330375

We look forward to being of service to you!